mandag den 19. januar 2015

The Pleasure Cure

The Pleasure Cure by Caroline Fibæk  has nothing to do with diet, it's about satisfying your senses in a healthy way.

I have now for almost 3 years been a vegan, and for two years followed Liana Shanti, on FB, better known as: RawganicVegan
I have learned so much from here, that I'll bee her eternal grateful. I am so happy to live a vegan lifestyle, that I won't change that ever.

But I want to learn more about stress and hormones, how that affect my body, and how to deal with that in a healthy, natural way. To keep my friends informed of what is going on in my life food wise, I will again use this page.

To start my day I take 2 probiotics, a glass of water with lemon juice, and then I have about 1 liter of fresh vegetable juice.

For lunch I have a green smoothie with fruits and some greens, topped with some superfoods.

In the evening I have a lot for vegetables, often a big salad, sometimes lettuce wraps, veggie pasta ....

For snacks there are always fruits or veggies. Sometimes a raw nicecream, or some raw chocolate.